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imagine… a new BBC / PSB documentary

BBC press release:

Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe are the most successful duo in UK Music history. They have sold more than 50 million records, produced over 40 Top 40 singles, four UK number ones, performed in several world tours, and they are still making new music together.

In spring next year Pet Shop Boys are releasing a new album produced by Arctic Monkeys/Blur producer James Ford, which comes 40 years after the original release of their classic song West End Girls. imagine… is given a sneak preview of the album and talks to Tennant and Lowe about its creation and their evolution over the past four decades: pioneering, original, highly influential but always maintaining the integrity and quality of their inimitable style, sound and songwriting.

Their songs have often commented on Britain and the world around them with wit, sensitivity and intelligence driving the stories they want to share through perhaps some of the most memorable synth-pop music ever created. For their tours they have worked with the most innovative theatre personnel to create original and thrilling performances. Now for the first time they have allowed backstage access as imagine… accompanies them on their global Dreamworld tour, filming rehearsals in London and backstage in Helsinki. Contributors include fellow musicians, music journalists and creative collaborators. This is an intimate look inside the world of Pet Shop Boys and will be broadcast in spring 2024.